For the New Christian Intellectual - Elite Coaching

You’re wanting to develop your online platform and writing. Could you benefit from extra support and accountability to move the needle forward?

This offer isn’t for everyone. But if you’re wanting even more depth and personalized guidance, this could be a good fit. We’re offering a limited number of students access to our elite coaching.

This program offers you 60 days of personalized, one-on-one coaching and the kind of accountability you need. We will work with you to grow your audience—and your bottom line.

The plan includes:

1. A Custom Roadmap for what you need to do in the next 60 days (tailor-made to you).

2. Weekly coaching calls (at least 30 minutes, and longer as needed) in order to define and implement the best growth path for you. Coaching is done via phone or Skype. Replay recordings are delivered to you each week.

Weeks #1-2: Clarify Your Goals
Weeks #3-4: Put the Systems in Place
Weeks #5-6: Expand Your Audience
Weeks #7-8: Chart Your Path

3. Accountability for your goals over email each week, including weekly assignments and check-ins. Each week after our coaching call you’ll get a written set of high leverage action items custom-made for you, based specifically on the progress you’ve made so far.

4. Video training of technical set-up to help you through the details of implementation. As needed, we’ll record and send you detailed walk-throughs so you can build the pieces of your online business.

Receive all the above (Custom Roadmap, Coaching Calls, Accountability, and Training), and find out just what you can accomplish with 60 days of clear, focused action. 

Are you worried that you're hitting too many snags in your platform and writing goals?

We can help you get clear on what steps will get you results most quickly, and we can help you follow-through.

Sixty days from now, you’ll arrive. But where?

What will you be able to achieve in 60 days of highly actionable weekly training—all in a one-on-one environment with a personal coach who has already followed the path?

Custom action plans, coaching, accountability, and our help and training with implementation. Let’s get started.

To apply, click below to fill out an application and we’ll get back to you soon:

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