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Dear Conservatives: Biblicism Won’t Stop Social Justice

“The Bible is enough” isn’t going to stop Christians who claim they see Social Justice and Intersectionality in the Bible. Here are some thoughts on the danger of the Conservative Baptist Network’s new attempt at combatting Critical Race Theory / Social Justice / Intersectionality (CRT/SJ/I) by appealing to the slogan “Sufficiency. The Bible alone.” 

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How I Got from Alpha to Omega—A Rundown on this Month’s Presuppositionalism Discussions

In light of the current “Progressive” assault on the rule of law and all on standards of decency and the Church’s surprising susceptibility to the contemporary “social justice” phenomenon, Jacob Brunton suggested we should ask: “What popular teachings insist that it is permissible—or even necessary—for Christians to jump to unwarranted conclusions, and to only utilize reason […]

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