About Us

For the New Christian Intellectual is a worldview ministry created by Jacob Brunton and Cody Libolt.

Our goal is to equip a new generation of thinkers who will give a voice to the Classical Christian principles of reason, rational self-interest, individualism, and individual rights.

We offer a way to change the direction of modern Christian thought toward something more intellectually solid and more biblically faithful.

In a time when the world seems to be losing its mind, and losing hope, we seek to restore the impact of the Christian mind, and thus to be salt and light in the midst of an increasingly dark world.

We seek to restore a vision of Jesus Christ as one who is rationally worthy of all admiration and devotion.

The teachings of Jesus, and of the entire God-inspired Scriptures, have been badly misrepresented by many of today’s intellectuals and teachers. Among the worst errors are the promotion of fideism (faith as a means to knowledge), altruism (self-sacrifice as an end in itself), and "social justice" (the tribalistic assault against individual rights).

Such poisonous ideas flood contemporary Christian culture, and we aim to be stronghold against them.

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