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All our Podcast Episodes, in order of publication:

FTNCI 001: Why We Need New Christian Intellectuals

FTNCI 002: Against Fideism

FTNCI 003: Rediscovering Reason

FTNCI 004: Against Altruism

FTNCI 005: Holy Self-Interest

FTNCI 006: Christian Egoism

FTNCI 007: Against Collectivism

FTNCI 008: In Defense of Individualism

FTNCI 009: Christianity and Western Civilization

FTNCI 010: Revelation and Responsibility

All our Articles, in order of publication:

The New Christian Intellectual

Why We Need New Christian Intellectuals

The “Wisdom of the World”

Why Christians Should Repudiate Chambers’ “Review” of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged

On Intellectual Adultery

Revelation and Responsibility

Venezuela: Why We Must “Assign Blame”

Faith Is More Than Trust

Russell Moore Says Rights Are Never Absolute

The Unicorn Logic Against Free MarketsA Response to Andrew Strain at First Things

How Marxist Thinking Is Seeping Into the Church

Atlas Shrugged Essay (Third Place Winner!)

General RevelationDo You Understand It?

Ayn Rand and Christianity?