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FTNCI 001: Why We Need New Christian Intellectuals

FTNCI 002: Against Fideism

FTNCI 003: Rediscovering Reason

FTNCI 004: Against Altruism

FTNCI 005: Holy Self-Interest

FTNCI 006: Christian Egoism

FTNCI 007: Against Collectivism

FTNCI 008: In Defense of Individualism

FTNCI 009: Christianity and Western Civilization

FTNCI 010: Revelation and Responsibility

FTNCI 011: The Importance of Apologetics with Guest Nick Peters

FTNCI 012: Did Jesus Exist? with Guest Nick Peters

FTNCI 013: Undesigned Coincidences in the Gospels and Acts with Guest Dr. Lydia McGrew

FTNCI 014: Exposing Russell Moore, Timothy Keller, and The Enemies Within the Church

FTNCI 015: Philosophy for the Christian Intellectual

FTNCI 016: Epistemology in the Christian Life, Ministry, and Worldview

FTNCI 017: Classical Epistemology for Christians – First Personal Discernibility

FTNCI 018: War, Immigration and Walls + Division in the Church

FTNCI 019: Masculinity, Evasion, and the Incompetent Opposition to Social Justice

FTNCI 020: Apologetics, Philosophy, and Rational Christianity

FTNCI 021: Socialism Does to Your Mind

FTNCI: 022: What Is General Revelation? Why Does it Matter?

FTNCI 023: You Won’t Stop Marxism by Saying, “Just Focus on the Gospel.”

FTNCI 024: Toward a Theology of Polemics

FTNCI 025: Manhood Is a Mindset

FTNCI 026: The SIN of Voting Democrat

FTNCI 027: Is Moral Relativism Controlling Your Church?

FTNCI 028: Gun Rights & 1776 vs. the Christian Pansies

Featured Articles

The New Christian Intellectual

Why We Need New Christian Intellectuals

The “Wisdom of the World”

Why Christians Should Repudiate Chambers’ “Review” of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged

On Intellectual Adultery

Revelation and Responsibility

Venezuela: Why We Must “Assign Blame”

Faith Is More Than Trust

Russell Moore Says Rights Are Never Absolute

Yes, Rights Are Always Absolute

The Unicorn Logic Against Free MarketsA Response to Andrew Strain at First Things

How Marxist Thinking Is Seeping Into the Church

Atlas Shrugged Essay (Third Place Winner!)

General RevelationDo You Understand It?

Ayn Rand and Christianity?

What is “Knowledge” in Romans 1?

Before Rethinking Hell, Rethink The Worthiness of God

What Does Justice Require? — On Racial Reconciliation

The Theological Problem With Tim Keller’s So-Called Social Justice

Why Christians Should Reconsider Ayn Rand

The Aquinas Option

In Defense of Leisure

Teaching Is Fundamentally an Invitation to Love

The Content of Social Justice: A Reply to Joe Carter

True Justice: Who Owns What—And To Whom Is What Owed?

How I Got From Alpha to Omega – A Rundown on this Month’s Presuppositionalism Discussions

Misplaced Idealism: Looking for Inspiration in the Wrong Place

It’s People They Want to Fetter: On The Immorality of the Anti-Capitalist Conservatives

How to Know If You Are a Presuppositionalist or a Classicalist

A Failing Movement—John MacArthur on Social Justice

7 Theses on Social Justice: Clear Definitions of Justice & Racism

Cultural Marxism in The Church: Menace or Myth?

Racial Equivocation & Serpentine Shepherds

A Woke Package-Deal

The Dangers of Loose Language on Racism – A Response to Piper on Structural Racism

O Foolish Americans—On Fighting the Bewitching Power of Sentiment

#TrustedForTruth? — An Open Plea To Dr. Al Mohler

Objectivism & Theism — Part 1: Introduction

Objectivism & Theism — Part 2: The Anti-Theistic Argument from Supernature

Thankful, To Whom?

Brothers, Value Your Self

Minimum-Wage Love

Dear Conservatives: Biblicism Won’t Stop Social Justice

The Fight Against Presuppositionalism: Why Does It Matter?

Unrealistic Predictions, COVID-19 Lockdown, Cost Lives

Renouncing Disgraceful & Underhanded Ways—A Plea to Southern Seminary & Its Defenders

I Embraced Functional Gnosticism

A Culture is Only as Good as its Ideas

It’s Time to Start Naming & Dividing From Woke Pastors

How Great the Weight of Public Speech—A Call to Morally Charged Polemics

Yesterday, I Was Excommunicated.

Cutting Through The Obscurities on Justice — A Response to Tim Keller

Blog Posts

Gun Rights & 1776 vs. the Christian Pansies (ICYMI)

Is Moral Relativism Controlling Your Church? (ICYMI)

The SIN of Voting Democrat (ICYMI)

The Woke Religionists Are All Wrong on Individual Rights

FTNCI’s Quick Guide to the Social Justice Controversy

How Tim Keller Gets Justice and Voting Wrong (ICYMI)

Contrasting Race & Culture, Individualism & Collectivism (ICYMI)

Manhood Is a Mindset (ICYMI)

Arguing with Atheists: Yea or Nay?

Cultural Marxists are Obsessed with Power. Here’s the Alternative.

Reflections On God And The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

On Division in the Church

Atlas Shrugged and the Silver Screen — Is a movie adaptation of Ayn Rand’s masterpiece possible? And what we need to make it happen.

Christians Against Marxism: Get Off the Sidelines

How Can I Love Church Members with Different Politics? (BOOK REVIEW)

Can a Faithful Christian Vote for a Democrat? Jonathan Leeman Thinks So.

Toward a Theology of Polemics (ICYMI)

You Won’t Stop Marxism by Saying, “Just Focus on the Gospel.” (ICYMI)

What is General Revelation? Why Does it Matter? (ICYMI)

“We just need to focus on the gospel.”

How to Talk About Systemic Racism (Like an Adult)

What Socialism Does to Your Mind (ICYMI)

Apologetics, Philosophy, and Rational Christianity (ICYMI)

Albert Mohler Is a J. K. Rowling Villain

Continue Exposing the Downgrade at Southern Seminary

How To Prevent A Post-Covid Economic Collapse

Reflect on This, and May the Lord Give You Understanding

Can Christians Defy Lockdown Orders?

Why Does Cody Block Everyone?

Friends, Allies, Neighbors, and Enemies

We Are Not “In this Together.”

Christian: You Must Learn to Distinguish Friend from Foe

No Presuppositionalist Is More than Half-Educated

Influencer Outreach: Weird Mistakes and What to Do Instead

Dear Dr. Frame: When Will the Presuppositionalists Clarify Their View?

Why Is Presuppositionalism Mistaken?

Van Til vs. Christianity

Masculinity, Evasion, and the Incompetent Opposition to Social Justice (ICYMI)

War, Immigration, and Walls + Division in the Church (ICYMI)

Trump, Vulture Capitalism, Gay Christianity, and the Porn Ban (ICYMI)

Comparing Dunkirk and 1917

Bombs Or Bibles? The Only Solutions To The Middle East

I Used An “All Gender” Bathroom, It Was Awful

Self-Driving Trucks, A Case For Automation

One Simple Question for James White (IMPORTANT UPDATES)

MARS, A Rational And Scientific Review of The National Geographic Series

A Quarrelsome Person? Response to The Gospel Coalition

Christian Social Justice Warriors: Your Illiteracy is Boundless

What Are the Differences Between Being Conservative, Republican, and Right-Wing?

Radical Leftist Terrorism and the Gospel

Please Do Not Dignify Thabiti’s Unmanly Non-Apology

The Parable of The Pit

Russell Moore’s Pragmatic Critique of Socialism Does More Harm than Good

5 Easy Ways to Keep Tabs on the So-Called Gospel Coalition

How to Fight for Truth Without Being “Wise in Your Own Eyes”

Jesus Said Wolves Are Coming. Do You Have a Plan?

Moore Baloney: Russell Moore Redefines True Complementarianism at SBC19

The Aftermath of Black Lives Matter

Dr. Danny Akin On the Theology of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, SEBTS, May 2019

The Southern Baptist Convention Did What?!

Gay Revoice Movement Takes More Ground

Why Did Eric Metaxas Quit Russell Moore’s Evangelical Immigration Table?

Cody Libolt is a Coward. (I have a troll account.)

Discernment Bloggers Want to Expose and Destroy Things.

Single? Waiting on the Lord?

Beth Moore, Do You Have Your Own Rule Book?

The Rabbit Hole: 25 Crazy Things Happening to Our Gospel Comrades

It’s dangerous to call a person “Fool.”

How do you give your content the best chance to fly?

Invest in people now — that way they will still listen to you in ten or twenty years.

How do you know which idea to write about today?

How do I find my life mission, my message, and my audience?

How do you get people to pay attention?

How do you speak in a way that people find easy and relatable?

How do you build trust AND never run out of content ideas?

How do you find out what people actually want YOU to create?

How do you overcome procrastination and create peace of mind?

How do you get your body and your mind to serve you optimally?

How do you make sure your opportunities are always expanding?

The Art of Culture War through Marketing

Step Up Your Game — Quit Burying the Lede

Ethos — How to Gain Credibility for Your Argument

Hone In On Your Distinct Message

Writers Block? Try Frasier’s Dirty Little Secret

You can’t make this stuff up — But Joe Carter can.

Stop Redefining White Supremacy If You Want To Be Taken Seriously

Woe to you, when all people speak well of you.

Why the Political Left Has to Abuse Language

I denounce and repudiate white nationalism, white supremacy, and racism.

Do You Want a Weak Pastor and a Sick Church?

Christian friends — It’s time to start creating online content…

Thoughts on “Earth Day” — The socialists are all for it. The end.

I’m Having a Little Fun with the PhDs

It’s not for fun that I share this junk.

Why Do Conservative Christians Blindly Follow Big-Name Moderates and Liberals?

Rebuilding Notre Dame

Diverse Thoughts on the Burning of Notre-Dame

Western Civilization Smolders

You Have a Big Goal — But What Can You Do THIS Month?

Whoever Relaxes One of the Least of These Commandments

I got WOKE this morning with a WOKE question.

Be Angry and Do Not Sin

Pray for the wicked men at Gillette. But don’t be weak. Identify your enemy.

How Goes the Battle?

“Whiteness is Wickedness”?

Captive Audience: A Parody of the Hurtful Rhetoric of The Witness

Science, Economics, Politics

Can a Christian Really Say Taxation Is Theft?

Make the Neo-Marxists Feel How Unjust They Are

Nipsey Hussle Was Tragically Murdered—And Identity Politics Is Still Bad.

Sam Allberry’s Desires Are Inherently Sinful

The Author of Your Favorite Children’s “Bible” Is a Heretic. And Your Pastor Didn’t Know.

The Jesus Storybook Bible Ignores Authorial Intent to Build Its Own Narrative

The Core Theme of the Jesus Storybook Bible is Wrong

ICYMI: Shepherd’s Conference Q&A – Behind the Scenes Discussion with Jacob Brunton and Cody Libolt

ICYMI: Shepherd’s Conference 2019 Q&A – What Does a Good Shepherd Do?

ICYMI: What Has Athens to Do with Jerusalem?

ICYMI: What is Biblical Justice — Debate with Jacob Brunton and Brandon Watts Tejedor

ICYMI: Communications & Decency

ICYMI: Is Spock right? Do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few?

Did Ligon Duncan Mean to Endorse Sam Allberry’s Ideas on Same Sex Attraction?

So You Affirm Young Earth Creation?

Dinosaurs Prove My 4-Year Old Son Is a Functioning Classicalist

What Can Anyone Do? How to Put a Stop to the Enemies Within the Church

Would Mark Dever Say Christians Can Vote for Democrats in Good Conscience?

What If You Succeeded at Your Biggest Goal and Still Felt No Different?

You Look At Who I Platform—Sure Dr. Mohler

Dever and Leeman Are Wrong — Christians Can Have No Fellowship with Democrats

How To Deal with Christian Social Justice Warriors

Why I Can Be Unfriendly

Discernment is a Noble Thing, Phil Johnson

Unclarity May Be Strategic for Al Mohler, But What the Church Needs Is Clear Truth.

Are Albert Mohler, Ligon Duncan, and Mark Dever Compromised?

Beth Moore Pits Jesus Against Paul. Is This The Road To The First SBC Woman President?

Some Affirmations For Those Who Work From Home

Why Couldn’t Sproul and Bahnsen Be Friends?

What premise makes this ghoulish behavior possible? Collectivism.

Do You Think Our Criticism of Russell Moore and Timothy Keller Is Too General? Read This.

Toxic Masculinity?

Confessions of A Christian Social Justice Warrior

Concerns with the American Charter and Russell Moore’s Involvement

Mere Eisegesis

Who Deserves the Benefit of the Doubt?

Rethinking Poverty and Charity — Better ways to help the poor and the least of these

Jonathan Leeman Errs on Political “Preferences” and Christian Unity

How to Give a Perfect Answer (And Four Dangerous Mistakes to Avoid)

Religious Liberty

Speaking Out Like John Galt

Matthew 5:40–42 and the Charity Question

How The Gospel Coalition is Killing The Gospel With “Social Justice”

The Tone Police Have a New Favorite Weapon: Gospel Issue

Christianity + Western Civilization

Anti-Individualism in the Air: How do Christians and non-Christians evaluate individualism?

10 Myths The Left Should Abandon: How to Bring Facts into the Conversation

Are Conservative Christians Taking a Turn Toward Socialism?

If Jesus Was a Socialist, He Would’ve Stayed in the Tomb

As You Consider Socialism

Race vs. Culture & The New Non-Racial “Racism”

The Winsome Gestapo: We Find Power in Bridling our OWN Tongues

Ethnic Diversity vs. Color-Blindness

Do You Make This Mistake When Arguing?

The Root of America’s Inequality Problem

It’s Good To Be a Fighter, But This Is Even Better

Justice: The Only Proper Foundation for Capitalism — (A Response to an Article by Wayne Grudem on The Gospel Coalition)

You Weren’t Very Persuasive Today

The West’s Cultural Civil War

“Social Justice”

The Key Philosophical Mistake Christians Make: The Arbitrary vs. the Objective

What Did Jesus Mean By “Judge Not”?

Rational Self-Interest and the Worship of God

The Atheising Tendency of Altruism

You’re a Legalist If You Draw a Clear Moral Line?

Why Conservatives Lose The Moral Argument: A Response to Matt Walsh

Using the Bible to Prove the Bible?

He Who Promised Is Faithful

What You’re Forgetting When Your Faith Is Weak

Why Rational Self-Interest?

Let’s Win This

Athens & Jerusalem: General and Specific Revelation

The Single Most Important Subject You Could Ever Study

The Insanity of “Balance”

5 Lies That Are Crippling You (Without You Realizing It)

3 Questions That Will Change Your Life

What If Your Definitions of “Right” and “Wrong” Are Wrong?

The Egoism of Christian Hedonism

Jonathan Edwards on Egoism

Ayn Rand on Christian Egoism: Part 1

Ayn Rand on Christian Egoism: Part 2

The Siren’s Song: How Altruism Leads to Death

To Enjoy God — By Glorifying Him Forever

Christian Motivation: An Interview with Lydia Borengasser

Jesus Christ AND Ayn Rand?

How Selfishness Is A Good Thing (And Biblical)

The Holy Self-Interest of Jesus in the Garden

Christianity, Humanism, and Civilization

Selfish Love: With C.S. Lewis and Ayn Rand

Make America Think Again: On Cultural and Christian Mindlessness

What Getting Shellacked About Racism Taught Me About Politics

How Access To More Information Is Making Us Less Tolerant

On Earth as It Is in Heaven

Was Thomas’s Doubt Reasonable?

O Bless Me Now, My Savior

Far As The Curse Is Found

What Does Faith in Jesus Rest On?

How to Surrender No Premise

How to Love God More

Save Yourself

There Is No Such Thing As “Gay Rights” (or “Black Rights” or “Women’s Rights”)

A Flowchart of Self-Interest

How to Change Anybody — 9 Tips for Writers

Something Evil from the Mouth of God?

The Most Powerful Question

Terrorists Don’t Kill People… Ideas Do

Christianity and Government: An Interview with Joseph Knowles

Why Business SHOULD Be Allowed To Discriminate

Does Rational Self-Interest Mean “Faith for Hire”?

Egoism or Communism: Christians Must Choose

How To Stop Special Interest Once And For All

Citizens United: I Know I’m Late to This Party, But Man Can I Dance

“Religious Liberty” — A Different Take

The Importance of Reversing John Piper’s Maxim

What Is Christian Individualism?

Brothers, Value Your Self

7 Lessons on Values from The Fountainhead

“Self” on Trial: A Look at Christian Motivation

Love of Self?

The Reason We Fight

Being a Christian Individualist

Christian Rand Fan?

Who Are You After The War?

My Wife Loves Me Conditionally

Al Mohler Condemns Self-Interest in Voters

The “Christian” Fairytale

Why It’s Not “Better” To Give

The Artist is a Trader, Miss Taggart

3 Reasons Everyone Should Love Big Oil

Why Be Moral?

Why Believe the Bible? Evidence.

Why Have Faith in Jesus? Is It Reason vs. Revelation?

How Ugly Casinos Are Good For Cultural Transformation

Why Money Does Not Exist (Despite What’s In Your Wallet)

Understanding and Then Faith

How Changing Your Thoughts On Money Can Change Your Life

Why Did the Disciples Have Faith in Jesus?

John Locke on Faith

The Plunder of the Egyptians: Recognizing the Wealth of Thinkers Past

Make It Shine: 12 Checkpoints for your persuasive argument

Recommended Reading: Articles to Get Your Ideological Bearings


Apologetics, Philosophy, and Rational Christianity

Debate: Presuppositionalism vs. Classicalism – Man’s Structure of Knowledge

Debate: What Has Athens to do with Jerusalem?

Debate: What Is Biblical Justice?

How I Got From Alpha to Omega – A Rundown on this Month’s Presuppositionalism Discussions (Video)

How to Know If You Are Presuppositionalist or a Classicalist

Why Bill Nye Is Not A Scientist – And Why It Matters

Social Justice and the Gospel – 01

Social Justice and the Gospel – Defining Terms – A Roundtable Discussion

Social Justice and the Gospel – How to Engage – A Roundtable Discussion

Jacob Brunton on Immigration & Individual Rights – Interview with Matt Travis

Shepherd’s Conference 2019 Q&A: What Does a Good Shepherd Do?

Shepherd’s Conference Q&A: Behind the Scenes Discussion with Jacob Brunton and Cody Libolt

Rethinking Poverty and Charity  — Better Ways to Help the Poor and the Least of These

R.C. Sproul: The Inherent Logical Discrepancies Within the Presuppositional Apologetic

Shapiro vs. Brook: Reason, Religion, and Rational Self-Interest Part 1

Shapiro vs. Brook: Reason, Religion, and Rational Self-Interest Part 2

Shapiro vs. Brook: Reason, Religion, and Rational Self-Interest Part 3

Shapiro vs. Brook: Reason, Religion, and Rational Self-Interest Part 4

Philosophy Club: Moral Truths, Ayn Rand, and Christianity

Philosophy Club: Philosophy for the Christian Intellectual

Philosophy Club: Social Justice: Challenging Timothy Keller’s Generous Justice

Philosophy Club: Epistemology in the Christian Life, Ministry, and Worldview

Philosophy Club: Classical Epistemology for Christians – First Personal Discernibility

Philosophy Club: Individual Rights and Justice

Philosophy Club: Divine Egoism

Philosophy Club: Christian Egoism

Philosophy Club: Implications of Christian Egoism

Philosophy Club: The Necessity of Moral Judgment

Philosophy Club: The Unreason of Social Justice and Presuppositionalism (Q&A)

Philosophy Club: The Connection Between Presuppositionalism and Cultural Marxism

The Sin of Moderation: Why Trying to Be a Moderate in Morality and Politics Is Evil

Philosophy Club: Jonathan Edwards and Divine Egoism

Philosophy Club: SJWs Will Keep Winning Until Christians Learn This

Philosophy Club: Ideology Is Bad, Say Conservatives. But Why?

Philosophy Club: Problems with Theonomy – Is It Theonomy vs. Religious Liberty?

Philosophy Club: Is Jesus an Altruist?

Is Spock Right? Do the Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few?

What Is Neo-Marxism?

Racism & Schism — Division of the Church due to redefinitions, ignorance, and apathy.

Big Eva & The Enemies Within the Church

SBC Affirms Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality? Why Is Race Becoming Such a Divisive Issue?

Philosophy and Theology: How Are they Different—and Related?

50 Years Since Apollo 11—But Why Do Liberals and Conservatives Hate Industrial Progress?

“I am a racist” – Matthew Hall, Provost at Southern Seminary

SBC Professor Caught Pushing Liberation Theology

Jarvis Williams on “Whiteness” Pursuing Gospel Centered Racial Reconciliation

How To Use Your Emotions… So They Help You And Make Your Life Better

Capitalism: The Answer To Social Justice

Dear Social Justice Contras…

Debate on Libertarian Free Will – Jacob Brunton vs Kyle Alander

Four Horsemen of the Tonepocalypse

So You Want To Fight Against Cultural Marxism?

War, Immigration, and Walls + Division in the Church

Trump, Vulture Capitalism, Gay Christianity, and the Porn Ban

Masculinity, Evasion, and the Incompetent Opposition to Social Justice

Christian: You Must Learn to Distinguish Friend from Foe

What Socialism Does to Your Mind

What is General Revelation? Why Does it Matter?

You Won’t Stop Marxism by Saying, “Just Focus on the Gospel.”

Toward a Theology of Polemics

Tucker Carlson is Wrong on Morality of Capitalism

How Tim Keller Gets Justice and Voting Wrong

Contrasting Race & Culture, Individualism & Collectivism

Manhood Is a Mindset

Evangelicals Embrace Systemic Racism Lie

The SIN of Voting Democrat

Is Moral Relativism Controlling Your Church?

Gun Rights & 1776 vs. the Christian Pansies

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