FTNCI 065: Objectivism Book Study (Week 07) — Volition

The Objectivism Book Study is meeting through 2022 to study Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand, by Leonard Peikoff.

This week, the reading was:

Ch. 2 – Human actions, mental and physical, as both caused and free (62-68)
Ch. 2 – Volition as axiomatic (69-72)

We are finishing out our discussion of chapter 2 (the anteroom of Epistemology).

As with the reading last week, we found places where we disagree with this material.

The disagreement is over exactly how to understand what volition is and how to understand the sense in which a person is himself a causal agent while also maintaining the idea of causality and especially the principle of sufficient reason.

In regard to the concerns raised in this chapter, we are in agreement with Peikoff.

We agree with the intention to uphold causality and also uphold the reality that human beings are moral agents that make meaningful choices.

We also agree with the points that volition is axiomatic and with the point that the fundamental choice we as human beings make is whether or not to focus our minds.

As we get into the reading, we can explore where we might agree or disagree on technical details.

I (Cody) find this topic of free will to be challenging. To prepare for this discussion, I have been reading Jonathan Edwards’ book Freedom of the Will. You can find that online to read and for free on audible.

I also read Edwin A. Locke’s book: The Illusion of Determinism. Locke is a student of Ayn Rand and he agrees with Peikoff as far as I can tell.

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