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The Immovable Mover — An Argument for the Egoist God

This is the working first chapter of a book I intend to publish one day entitled, “The Galt-Like God.” This chapter is my somewhat polemical argument for the existence of God presented to and for the admirer of Ayn Rand’s philosophy. However, one need not be familiar with Rand’s work in order to understand and […]

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Dear Conservatives: Biblicism Won’t Stop Social Justice

“The Reformation doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture does not claim that Christians need only Scripture and not natural revelation, but that Christians need only Scripture and not other kinds of special revelation.” -David VanDrunen   “The Bible is enough” isn’t going to stop Christians who claim they see Social Justice and Intersectionality in the […]

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Brothers, Value Your Self

In a recent blog post entitled “Brothers, Praise Someone Other Than God” on the Desiring God website, Sam Crabtree argues for the God-glorifying goodness of praising other people. His argument, in essence, is that God is imaged forth in, and working through, the lives of individual people in such a way that we ought to recognize […]

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Thankful, To Whom?

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful: thankful for family and friends, for a good job or financial stability, for delicious food and the skill that goes into preparing it, and for an innumerable amount of amazingly good things in one’s life. And though they are innumerable, most people find joy in the attempt to […]

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#TrustedForTruth? — An Open Plea To Dr. Al Mohler

Dr. Albert Mohler has been one of the most trusted men in the conservative evangelical world for decades. Much of that is due to his role in the latter stages of the conservative resurgence, in which he is rightly credited with bringing Southern Seminary back from the depths of theological liberalism. 

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Racial Equivocation & Serpentine Shepherds

Before getting into the racial equivocations, I need to say something about what is meant by “serpentine shepherds.” I don’t necessarily mean apostate shepherds, though that possibility is not ruled out. I simply mean shepherds who have begun behaving like the enemy (whatever the underlying cause might be). Genuine Christians, and even genuine Christian teachers, […]

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