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How I Got from Alpha to Omega—A Rundown on this Month’s Presuppositionalism Discussions

In light of the current “Progressive” assault on the rule of law and all on standards of decency and the Church’s surprising susceptibility to the contemporary “social justice” phenomenon, Jacob Brunton suggested we should ask: “What popular teachings insist that it is permissible—or even necessary—for Christians to jump to unwarranted conclusions, and to only utilize reason […]

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The Content of Social Justice: A Reply to Joe Carter

  Joe Carter’s recent article on social justice encourages Christians “not to shrink from the term nor to allow the secular world to distort its biblical meaning.” He notes throughout the article that the term need not carry the politically progressive and liberal connotations for which it has recently gone viral; that it simply refers […]

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In Defense of Leisure

“Her work was all she had or wanted. But there were times, like tonight, when she felt that sudden, peculiar emptiness, which was not emptiness, but silence, not despair, but immobility, as if nothing within her were destroyed, but everything stood still. Then she felt the wish to find a moment’s joy outside, the wish […]

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The Aquinas Option

It is held today that America has entered a “post-Christian culture.”  Theologically orthodox Christians are told that their vision of life and doctrine—a vision widely affirmed over two thousand years of Western history—no longer will be undergirded and promulgated by the increasingly secular social structures and cultural forces in our nation.  Therefore, the argument goes, […]

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Why Christians Should Reconsider Ayn Rand

Everyone loves to hate Ayn Rand—even, and sometimes especially, Christians. She’s the Left’s favorite bogeywoman, invoked as the dark goddess of capitalism—causing conservatives everywhere to run in terror, begging not to be associated with the “Guru of Greed.” Notice that Paul Ryan is still being pilloried for daring to appreciate Ayn Rand, even after distancing […]

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