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Cultural Marxism in The Church: Menace or Myth?

In a recent interview with The Gospel Coalition, Michael Haykin, professor of History and Biblical Studies at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, mocked the concerns many have about Marxist ideology seeping into the Church through so-called “social justice” issues: “What about the charge that some evangelicals’ emphasis on social justice reveals them to be a […]

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A Failing Movement—John MacArthur on Social Justice

It has been said that if we do not learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. I am afraid this statement is all too true in the conservative Christian culture. We are called to learn from history and to fix our mistakes, which brings me to some great concerns from what I am […]

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How I Got from Alpha to Omega—A Rundown on this Month’s Presuppositionalism Discussions

In light of the current “Progressive” assault on the rule of law and all on standards of decency and the Church’s surprising susceptibility to the contemporary “social justice” phenomenon, Jacob Brunton suggested we should ask: “What popular teachings insist that it is permissible—or even necessary—for Christians to jump to unwarranted conclusions, and to only utilize reason […]

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The Content of Social Justice: A Reply to Joe Carter

  Joe Carter’s recent article on social justice encourages Christians “not to shrink from the term nor to allow the secular world to distort its biblical meaning.” He notes throughout the article that the term need not carry the politically progressive and liberal connotations for which it has recently gone viral; that it simply refers […]

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