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Classical Liberalism vs Christian Nationalism in the “Negative World”

For those who haven’t noticed, “Christian Nationalism” is the latest fad among conservative Christians. In theory, it sounds innocuous and completely compatible with traditional American political principles. But many of its most vocal proponents actually pit it against the American ideals enshrined in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. They scorn American concepts like […]

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“Tradition! Tradition!”

I’ve always enjoyed the movie Fiddler on the Roof, the tale of a Jewish family living in Russia in the days prior to the revolution of 1917. I’ve been thinking about some of its themes again. Central to the story is the role that Yiddish tradition and community play in the peasants’ lives. Tevye, the […]

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The Postmodernism of Traditionalism

The world is drowning in postmodernism, and the tragic consensus among many conservatives is that traditionalism is a stalwart alternative against the postmodern dangers. I say it’s tragic because traditionalism, as I will argue below, is just a lazy and nostalgia-inspired version of postmodernism. No, not the hip cultural postmodernism of the late 20th century, […]

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