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Dear Conservatives: Biblicism Won’t Stop Social Justice

“The Bible is enough” isn’t going to stop Christians who claim they see Social Justice and Intersectionality in the Bible. Here are some thoughts on the danger of the Conservative Baptist Network’s new attempt at combatting Critical Race Theory / Social Justice / Intersectionality (CRT/SJ/I) by appealing to the slogan “Sufficiency. The Bible alone.” 

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Minimum-Wage Love

Snow cones, memes, Charles Dickens, and the Book of Joshua come together to solve the problem of duty-bound relationships. One of my first jobs was working at a snow cone stand owned by some family friends when I was fifteen. At the time that I started, I made minimum wage: $7.25 per hour.  I imagine […]

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Brothers, Value Your Self

In a recent blog post entitled “Brothers, Praise Someone Other Than God” on the Desiring God website, Sam Crabtree argues for the God-glorifying goodness of praising other people. His argument, in essence, is that God is imaged forth in, and working through, the lives of individual people in such a way that we ought to recognize […]

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Thankful, To Whom?

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful: thankful for family and friends, for a good job or financial stability, for delicious food and the skill that goes into preparing it, and for an innumerable amount of amazingly good things in one’s life. And though they are innumerable, most people find joy in the attempt to […]

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Objectivism & Theism — Part 1: Introduction

I’m a Christian who greatly admires the work of Ayn Rand. I do not, however, claim to be a Christian proponent of Rand’s whole philosophy (called Objectivism). I agree with Rand that Objectivism, as a philosophy, is necessarily atheistic.  I also think that her philosophy is wrong on that point—and wrong by her own standards […]

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#TrustedForTruth? — An Open Plea To Dr. Al Mohler

Dr. Albert Mohler has been one of the most trusted men in the conservative evangelical world for decades. Much of that is due to his role in the latter stages of the conservative resurgence, in which he is rightly credited with bringing Southern Seminary back from the depths of theological liberalism. 

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O Foolish Americans—On Fighting the Bewitching Power of Sentiment

Americans talk a big game about “justice” today, but the sorry truth is that many don’t actually care about justice at all. What is thought to be the solid rock of justice by most contemporary thinkers is really just the fickle sands of sentiment—an all consuming, emotion-driven, foolish, relativizing substitute for justice, truth, and morality.  […]

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A Woke Package-Deal

Yesterday I saw the above photo on Facebook, posted by some Christian Intellectual friends. They used this photo as proof that the terms “White Supremacy” and “Racism” are actually weapons being used by the Left to undermine the very foundations of Western Civilization.

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