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Discrimination and Disparities: Thomas Sowell on Racism and Reason

At today’s rate of decline, some people are becoming tempted to say things like, “Your stupidity exceeds my personal sanctification’s maximum level of tolerability,” and thus, shut down the conversation. Today, more than ever, people are tempted to communicate only in the confines of an echo chamber. But Thomas Sowell seeks to keep the conversation […]

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How Marxist Thinking Is Seeping into the Church

“Why is Socialism Being Promoted by Conservative Christian Outlets?” That’s the question Joe Carter, at his Acton Institute blog, asks about Andrew Strain’s recent article at First Things. In his piece, Strain claims that free markets are “as mythical as unicorns,” and concludes that government intervention in the market, on behalf of “the common good,” is the […]

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Venezuela: Why We Must “Assign Blame”

In his latest column for Townhall, John Stossel writes about the pushback he’s gotten from the left for criticizing those celebrities—like Michael Moore, Oliver Stone, and Noam Chomsky—who praised Venezuela’s socialistic policies.

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