FTNCI 037: My Body, My Choice? The Cost of Pretend Arguments

Ironically, the pro-abortion slogan “my body, my choice” is now being used by those opposing Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate. Is either side using the concept correctly? That’s what we cover in our new episode. We also include:

  • Why we must call for Joe Biden’s impeachment (even if it will never happen)
  • How to resist the vaccine mandate
  • The moral and legal status of abortion
  • Why Objectivists are so wrong about abortion 


Petition to Impeach Joe Biden

Reasons Biden Should Be Impeached

Michael Spangler’s Comments on Truth-Telling

Brett McCracken of TGC compares resistance to medical tyranny to the killing of unborn children.

Abortion comments from Yaron Brook

Abortion discussion with Don Watkins

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