FTNCI 013: Undesigned Coincidences in the Gospels and Acts with Guest Dr. Lydia McGrew

We’ve invited philosopher Lydia McGrew to share her insights on Christian Apologetics, focusing on undesigned coincidences in the Gospels and Acts and other fruitful, overlooked arguments for the reliability of Scripture.

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September 21-22
Lighthouse Community Church
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More information about Dr. Lydia McGrew

Dr. Lydia McGrew is a widely published analytic philosopher, home schooling mother, blogger, and the wife of philosopher and apologist Timothy McGrew. She received her PhD in English from Vanderbilt University in 1995. She has published, and continues to publish, extensively in the theory of knowledge. She specializes in pure formal epistemology and in the application of formal epistemology to the evaluation of testimony and to various topics in the philosophy of religion. Her articles in philosophy have appeared in such journals as Ergo, Philosophical Studies, the Journal of Philosophical Research, and Erkenntnis. She and Timothy McGrew co-wrote the article on the resurrection of Jesus for the Blackwell Companion to Natural Theology, and she wrote the article “Historical Inquiry” for the Routledge Companion to Theism.

In 2017 she published Hidden in Plain View: Undesigned Coincidences in the Gospels and Acts, which defends the reliability of the New Testament using a long-neglected argument from incidental details.

To find all Lydia’s online work, her website is LydiaMcGrew.com.

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