The Four Friends You Need—To Quickly Get Your Voice Heard

If you want to spread true ideas through online content, this article is for you.

It’s all about practical action.

How do you write and communicate with impact?

How do you transform…

From being a wisher who felt intimidated…

To being a communicator who deeply helps others?

You’re going to need 4 friends.

Let me introduce you…

With these friends at your side, you can immediately get better results for your online content.

Friend #1. Your Facebook Feed 
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Turn Facebook into the workshop for your writing. Find out what other people are talking about.

-Where do your ideal readers go when they log on to Facebook?

-What do they talk about?

-What are the most up-to-date issues they care about?

Take notes.

If you pay attention, you’ll never run out of helpful and relevant topics.

You can guarantee that people are already thinking about these topics, so why not at least use these to get the conversation started?

To get your voice noticed, talk about the things other people are already thinking about.

Friend #2. Your Facebook Profile 
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Now that you’ve looked at your feed for ideas, go to your profile for interaction.

Sure, you can interact in groups and on other people’s profiles. But the fastest way to create engagement around your own ideas is to use your profile.

This is super easy:

1) Think about a topic you saw people talking about.

2) Go to your profile and ask a question about that topic.

For example, you could say:

“Discussion Topic: Is X a clear issue? Where do you stand on it?”

You’re doing this for two reasons:

First, it turns you into the host of a conversation. People tend to pay attention to what the host says. So that’s a good thing.

Second, you’re gaining valuable information on what your readers already think about the topic.

Once you know their opinions, you can enter the conversation that is already taking place.

Now that you’ve listened, you’re ready to write your own thoughts. Write them as a response to what others are saying. That will make your writing automatically relevant.

Friend #3. Your Medium Account 
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Don’t already have an account? Go create one. It takes 60 seconds.

Already have another website? Doesn’t matter. Go set up a profile at Medium. You’ll be glad you did.

Medium makes it super fast and easy to put brief (or extended) thoughts in a more permanent location that you can link back to. And it makes your writing look great.

Don’t write a 5-paragraph essay on Facebook. When you see that you’re about to do such a thing, that’s the time to hit “copy-paste” and put it on Medium instead.

It might have just looked like a rant on Facebook, but on Medium it looks like a decent, thoughtful blog post. It’s going to be taken more seriously.

Action Items:

1) Read what people commented from your earlier Facebook post.

2) Respond by saying how you agree or disagree or would add something. (You might start by saying, “Here’s an idea/fact I’ve heard. Here’s what I think…”

3) Post your short thought at Medium.

4) Grab the link and share it at Facebook.

Friend #4. Your Favorite Facebook Groups 
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1) Bookmark 2-3 favorite Facebook groups.

2) Friend request some group members who have good things to say.

3) Go into a group and share a link to your Medium article (if the group allows self-promotion). In the header of your post, ask for feedback. Say, “Hey I just wrote this post about X topic, and I was hoping to get your feedback. Do you agree? Disagree? Thanks for your advice! [Link to article.]”


By following these four steps you’ve created a blog post that immediately convinces people to read on…

-Relevant topic? Check.
-Engaged with other viewpoints? Check.
-Presented your argument in a credible way? Check.
-Found the right audience for your article? Check.

Congratulations: You can quickly get your voice heard.

This plan is quick and basic. It’s common sense for anyone wanting to engage others and be relevant. But almost nobody is doing it.

Go get started.

Here’s to finally getting your voice heard!

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