FTNCI 055: Americanism Book Study (6 of 9)

Jacob Brunton commented on why some people have been attracted to the Alt-Right movement:

“Given our current cultural atmosphere, where being a heterosexual, right-handed, white male is the epitome of evil, and that’s preached from every institution in western culture, you can kind of understand why some people have a knee-jerk reaction:

Forget that! I’m not evil!

That reaction can lead to another set of choices:

I need some self-esteem… I’m going to find a collective that I can be a part of… one that is self-assertive, where the members don’t need to be ashamed of having been born.

In today’s society, with collectivism being preached nearly everywhere, a young white person is likely to find the kind of support he desires in a group of white collectivists.

That’s how you get the Alt-Right.

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The Americanism Book Study met from October 23rd to December 19th, 2021 to discuss A New Textbook of Americanism.

The goals of the group were to help our viewers:

-Meet Christians who care about individual rights and capitalism.
-Sharpen skills in defending America’s unique principles.
-Explore connections between Christianity and Ayn Rand’s political work.

This series of meetings laid the foundation for a larger discussion series, called the Objectivism Book Study. This latter project aims to provide a robust Christian response to Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism.


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