Christian Writers—Here’s What’s Holding You Back

Finally Feel Motivated to Write

What’s your main challenge as a Christian writer?

You might think it’s a lack of time.

Or maybe it’s a lack of a clear strategy. (How should you approach the writing task? How should you organize and market your work?)


In nearly all cases, you have a more basic problem.

If you can solve this, everything else gets easier.

The writer’s main problem is motivation.

It’s true almost without exception.

You don’t actually need…

  • More time
  • More strategies
  • More organization

You need more passion.

If you sometimes lack motivation, congratulations: You’re normal.

Take this advice:

Stoke the fire of your passion for writing.

Do what it takes to restore that passion.

Here’s some fuel for your fire. These are truths you know, but might have felt tempted to forget.

1. Ideas Really Do Matter.

Ideas shape society; and you shape people’s ideas.

You tell people the gospel.

You teach Scripture.

You equip servants and leaders.

This is a humbling and amazing opportunity.

While much of your impact happens in person, much of it can also take place in written form. Your writing greatly extends the range of your voice and your influence.

2. People Really Can Change Their Thinking.

How many of your own key beliefs developed through reading?

In that same way, you can be the catalyst for someone else’s growth.

Someone needs to learn what you know. And they need to learn it from you.

While your discussions on social media may have led you to believe otherwise, people actually do change their thinking based on what they read.

Don’t keep your insights to yourself. Be a voice for reason. Help ensure that rationality is the norm by adding your judgments to the balance of what is heard.

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3. Writing Really Does Make Your Life Better.

Here’s what you get to do.

You get to work within the range of gifts God has given you by being a blessing, encouragement, and help to others.

You get to sharpen your ability to think while experiencing the joy of sharing what you’re learning.

You get to engage others at any time on any subject, reach people you otherwise couldn’t have reached, and open doors to conversations with people you normally wouldn’t have had access to.

You get to encourage and promote your own deepest values, be salt and light in the world, and spread a passion for truth to those who are hungry for it.

You get to point people to Scripture, spur them toward Christ, and speak the truth in a way that opens people’s eyes to God’s glory.

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