FTNCI 032: Against the Tradcons and Ethno-Nationalists

In this episode we’re talking about traditionalism and ethno-nationalism: why we oppose these ideas and what sets us apart from them.

At FTNCI we are about helping you morally reason through important political and cultural issues. That means we want to be about more than just opposing the leftists.

We love owning the libs. We love owning “progressives.” We love making them mad. But that is not the goal of moral reasoning. The goal of moral reasoning is to identify what is objectively moral and what is objectively rational.

Unfortunately, too many of our brothers and sisters have fallen prey to silly and foolish ideologies because they’re focused primarily on owning the leftists, and they have forgotten or abandoned the pursuit of objective truth and objective moral reality.

This episode introduces the beef we have with traditionalism and ethno-nationalism, and the reasons behind our position.

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