FTNCI 047: Christians CAN Win the Culture War

Christians can win the culture war. At this site, we advocate not only for a specific set of ideas, but also for the fact that you, as a Christian, ought to be fighting for the truth. You may not agree with all of our positions, but part of the benefit we hope to offer is that you will learn how to fight in the culture war.

That’s going to require specific convictions about what is true. But it’s also going to require some concrete skills—for instance, the ability to write or speak persuasively, and possibly to create a Facebook page, a blog, a podcast, etc.

That’s what we’re talking about today: how you can get involved in the culture war using tangible skills.


Wartime Polemics Page

770 Verses and Hot Takes

Cody Libolt’s podcast mini-series on growing a personal platform

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Toward a Theology of Polemics

Why Christians Need Wartime Polemics (Pt. 1) (Pt. 2) (Pt. 3)

The Necessity of Moral Judgment

Is Moral Relativism Controlling Your Church?

The SIN of Voting Democrat

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