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The Aquinas Option

It is held today that America has entered a “post-Christian culture.”  Theologically orthodox Christians are told that their vision of life and doctrine—a vision widely affirmed over two thousand years of Western history—no longer will be undergirded and promulgated by the increasingly secular social structures and cultural forces in our nation.  Therefore, the argument goes, […]

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Atlas Shrugged Essay (Third Place Winner!)

The following is the essay I submitted to the Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest, which won 3rd place. If you haven’t read the book, be warned: there are SPOILERS below.  Ragnar Danneskjöld says he loves that which has rarely been loved, namely, human ability. What do you think he means? How does his position relate to […]

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How Marxist Thinking Is Seeping into the Church

“Why is Socialism Being Promoted by Conservative Christian Outlets?” That’s the question Joe Carter, at his Acton Institute blog, asks about Andrew Strain’s recent article at First Things. In his piece, Strain claims that free markets are “as mythical as unicorns,” and concludes that government intervention in the market, on behalf of “the common good,” is the […]

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