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These are the marks of a godly and prosperous society.

This is how Christians should be salt & light in the world. 

This is how you can help to save Western Civilization and the American ideal.

Lawrence W. Reed

President – Foundation For Economic Education (FEE)

I just stumbled upon your web site and immediately subscribed. At this very moment, I am reading your excellent essay, “Christian Answers Against Social Justice” and am enjoying it immensely! ...Love what you’re doing and am really eager to read more.


The future of bold, Rational, Principled Christian conservatism is here.


You can be a part of changing minds...

Wow, flipped my whole view on capitalism vs socialism. Thank you for your ministry and please keep up the good work. Your channel deserves much more attention.

El. Drake

...of changing lives...

I've been listening to the FTNCI podcast...Keep up the excellent work! I've come away convicted that I've not been nearly as honest in my pursuit of truth as I need to be, so thank you for that as well. I've been too passive.

–Andy Huff

...and changing the culture.

You've written the right book at the right time. You ground the concept of justice not in the whims of the culture but in the text of Scripture. Your straightforward definition of justice is rational, convicting, and--above all--biblically accurate. 

Colin Trisler, Pastor of Forest Baptist Church 


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Now is the time to fight back.

Now is the time to take a stand for all that is true, and good, and holy.

Now is the time to invest in the future of Western Civilization and the future of the Kingdom; to invest in your future.

"I decided finally to give to myself, so to speak, because in giving to you, I'm doing some very small part in encouraging the only group I know of that is articulating the fight and bringing raging emotions on both sides of the aisle to the light of Biblical reason."

–Shireen Joanna