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Revelation and Responsibility

One of the most important questions for the Christian intellectual is: How does the truth of Scripture relate to the truth of philosophy, or science, or history? If we put it in terms of “revelation,” it becomes: how does special revelation relate to general revelation?

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On Intellectual Adultery

Adultery is often thought of as one of the most serious of sins (and rightly so). However, one of the reasons our contemporary culture counts it as so heinous is because it is so sensual. We tend to rank sensual, fleshy sins as more wicked than “ethereal,” spiritual, or intellectual sins.

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The “Wisdom of the World”

Often when one Christian thinks that another is utilizing too much philosophy (or the wrong kind of philosophy), the former charges the latter of using “the wisdom of the world,” or relying too heavily on “human wisdom.”

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The New Christian Intellectual

Where have the Christian intellectuals gone? When will they return? If you are like most reading this, you have experienced the hope and the frustration of the Christian intellectual. Ideas matter. The mind matters; because truth matters. Far too many Christians do not see the practical need for ideas, ideology, or an integrated worldview. Others do see the […]

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