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Objectivism & Theism — Part 1: Introduction

I’m a Christian who greatly admires the work of Ayn Rand. I do not, however, claim to be a Christian proponent of Rand’s whole philosophy (called Objectivism). I agree with Rand that Objectivism, as a philosophy, is necessarily atheistic.  I also think that her philosophy is wrong on that point—and wrong by her own standards […]

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#TrustedForTruth? — An Open Plea To Dr. Al Mohler

Dr. Albert Mohler has been one of the most trusted men in the conservative evangelical world for decades. Much of that is due to his role in the latter stages of the conservative resurgence, in which he is rightly credited with bringing Southern Seminary back from the depths of theological liberalism. 

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O Foolish Americans—On Fighting the Bewitching Power of Sentiment

Americans talk a big game about “justice” today, but the sorry truth is that many don’t actually care about justice at all. What is thought to be the solid rock of justice by most contemporary thinkers is really just the fickle sands of sentiment—an all consuming, emotion-driven, foolish, relativizing substitute for justice, truth, and morality.  […]

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Racial Equivocation & Serpentine Shepherds

Before getting into the racial equivocations, I need to say something about what is meant by “serpentine shepherds.” I don’t necessarily mean apostate shepherds, though that possibility is not ruled out. I simply mean shepherds who have begun behaving like the enemy (whatever the underlying cause might be). Genuine Christians, and even genuine Christian teachers, […]

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Cultural Marxism in The Church: Menace or Myth?

In a recent interview with The Gospel Coalition, Michael Haykin, professor of History and Biblical Studies at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, mocked the concerns many have about Marxist ideology seeping into the Church through so-called “social justice” issues: “What about the charge that some evangelicals’ emphasis on social justice reveals them to be a […]

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