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It’s Time to Start Naming & Dividing From Woke Pastors

Cities are being burned to the ground. Innocent people are being beaten to within an inch of their lives. Officers are being murdered and maimed while attempting to keep the peace. America is suffering from the most widespread race riots in the history of the country—if not the world. We’ve reached a critical point of […]

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The Fight Against Presuppositionalism: Why Does It Matter?

In the recent weeks, we’ve really amped up our opposition to presuppositional epistemology in the Church. We’ve even begun to see others (like Josh Sommer) begin to join the fight with helpful articles and videos. One of the questions we’re often asked is, “Why does this matter?” This is our attempt to give an answer.

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The Immovable Mover — An Argument for the Egoist God

This is the working first chapter of a book I intend to publish one day entitled, “The Galt-Like God.” This chapter is my somewhat polemical argument for the existence of God presented to and for the admirer of Ayn Rand’s philosophy. However, one need not be familiar with Rand’s work in order to understand and […]

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Minimum-Wage Love

Snow cones, memes, Charles Dickens, and the Book of Joshua come together to solve the problem of duty-bound relationships. One of my first jobs was working at a snow cone stand owned by some family friends when I was fifteen. At the time that I started, I made minimum wage: $7.25 per hour.  I imagine […]

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Brothers, Value Your Self

In a recent blog post entitled “Brothers, Praise Someone Other Than God” on the Desiring God website, Sam Crabtree argues for the God-glorifying goodness of praising other people. His argument, in essence, is that God is imaged forth in, and working through, the lives of individual people in such a way that we ought to recognize […]

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